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Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt 14mm Sensogan 40414


Sprenger Dynamic RS Muffebitt med D-ring og 3-delt munndel i Sensogan.

Kommer i 4 størrelser, alle med 14mm tykkelse og 65mm ringer:
11,5cm - 12,5cm - 13,5cm - 14,5cm

Dette skriver Sprenger selv om Dynamic RS Eggbutt:

  • ergonomical shape enables a soft and even pressure distribution, middle link angled forward by 45°
  • fits exactly between tongue and palate
  • enables soft but effective rein aids
  • ideal for sensitive horses or horses with a fleshy tongue
  • direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw due to fixed mouthpiece
  • lies steady in the horses mouth, gentle on the corners of the mouth, supports sideways acting rein aids

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