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Sprenger Pelham 3-delt 42126

Sprenger 3-delt Pelham bitt med korte sidestykker (4,5cm).
Produsert i rustfritt stål.

Kommer i 4 størrelser, alle med 16mm tykkelse:
11,5cm - 12,5cm - 13,5cm - 14,5cm

Dette skriver Sprenger selv om sitt 3-delte Pelham:

  • offers more control with strong and powerful horses
  • enables precise and effective rein aids due to acting on tongue, poll and lower jaw
  • curb chain should come into play at a maximum angle of 45° to limit the poll pressure
  • the leverage effect on the poll can be varied by different rein options
  • often used in combination with bit converters or with 2 reins
  • use of a curb chain guard is recommended to protect the sensitive lower jaw bone


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